What is this Project All About?


A group of professional artists has decided to share some of their artworks with non-profit organizations that are doing good work in their home state of Vermont and beyond its borders. They donate these artworks to shelters, environmental organizations, educational institutions, and many other kinds of non-profits. We call this project EMBRACING ART because we want other people doing important work to embrace the value of art and the contribution it can make to the environment in which they work, and also because we seek to reach out and support / embrace the endeavors of others who are doing significant work that serves the public good.
To find artists whose work is available, read the Frequently Asked Questions in the righthand column and then scroll down and click on an artist to see their available work.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Scoop These Up!

Here are a few of the great pieces waiting to go to a new non-profit home! This is just a selection. Look through the whole site for more options.

Marie LaPré Grabon

Title: Abstract Landscape
Size: 18x22"
Medium: acrylic and oil stick
Date of creation: 2011
Value: $550
Contact: mlpg@wildblue.net

Kathy Stark

Title: Conversations with My Mother
Size: 12x12"
Medium: mixed media on wood panel
Date of creation: 2009
Value: $800

Sam Thurston

Title: Still Life With Statue of Laura
Size: 5.5x6.5" 
Medium: framed watercolor
Date of creation: 2009
Value: $600
Contact: samuelthurston@gmail.com 

Cheryl Betz

Title: Plant Gall I
Size: 16x8" 
Medium: oil on canvas
Date of creation: 2000
Value: $500