What is this Project All About?


A group of professional artists has decided to share some of their artworks with non-profit organizations that are doing good work in their home state of Vermont and beyond its borders. They donate these artworks to shelters, environmental organizations, educational institutions, and many other kinds of non-profits. We call this project EMBRACING ART because we want other people doing important work to embrace the value of art and the contribution it can make to the environment in which they work, and also because we seek to reach out and support / embrace the endeavors of others who are doing significant work that serves the public good.
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Janet Van Fleet

About the Artist: Janet Van Fleet works from her studio at Studio Place Arts in Barre, Vermont. She  does work that features circles and disks, and also makes sculptures (primarily people and animals) out of wood and steel. For more information about the artist, visit her website and blog


 Here in Vermont we have four distinct seasons, each of which has something wonderful. This is a group of four pieces, each celebrating one of our seasons. They attach to the wall with colored pushpins, lifting the buttons and disks off the wall so that they cast shadows on the wall behind them.

--The pieces below have been taken--
-- This piece has been taken --
Title: Seasons
Size: each about 12" x 12"

Medium: polychrome disks, buttons, and fine annealed steel wire
Date of creation: 2011
Value: All four pieces: $1,200

This piece is part of the artist's Circular Statements body of work, painted with high-pigment content aerosol paint. It is bright, cheerful, and sets an upbeat tone in a public space.

--This piece has been taken--
-- This piece has been taken --
Title: Targets
Size: 48.5 x 40"
Medium: spray enamel on board
Date of creation: 2007
Value: $1,200