What is this Project All About?


A group of professional artists has decided to share some of their artworks with non-profit organizations that are doing good work in their home state of Vermont and beyond its borders. They donate these artworks to shelters, environmental organizations, educational institutions, and many other kinds of non-profits. We call this project EMBRACING ART because we want other people doing important work to embrace the value of art and the contribution it can make to the environment in which they work, and also because we seek to reach out and support / embrace the endeavors of others who are doing significant work that serves the public good.
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Marilyn Gillis

About the Artist: Marilyn Gillis is a multi-media artist working in textiles and a wide range of other materials. She makes art as a visual record of her life, thoughts and feelings -- exploring the qualities of color to express emotions and ideas, and captures the elements of line and texture through stitching. In this culture of mass production, it is important to her to show ample evidence of her own hand. Her primary inspiration comes form the natural world. To learn more about the artist visit her website www.marilyngillis.com.


I grew up on a family farm which is now a relic of my past. Fabric for this quilt was rusted from old farm objects -- nuts and bolts, spikes, hinges, a saw and horse shoes.

---this work has been taken---
---this work has been taken---
Title: Remnants from the Farm
Size: 39.5x29.5" 
Medium: cotton fabric & cotton batting
Date of creation: 2008
Value: $700

—this work has been taken---
— this work has been taken ---
Title: Midnight in Monet's Garden
Size: 45x33" 
Medium: cotton fabric & cotton batting
Date of creation: 1999
Value: $900
Contact: marilyngillis@gmail.com